Welcome to the Next Big Thing...

Welcome to the new web home of the Maxxis Mid-Atlantic Dirt Series. This site is still under construction, so please be patient with us. Check back often for updates.
Raceceiver will be mandatory for the 2013 Season
Raceceiver is available online at www.raceceiver.com
For special pricing, use promo code "mid2013" at checkout
Raceceiver will be on hand at GKK March 2nd to provide sales and service
Coming soon...


Class Structure

Stock Heavy #375 (Open Pipe Open Clutch HT3)
Jr.1 Clone #265 (Green Plate Open Clutch Weiner Pipe HT3)
Sr. Champ Clone #425 (Big Pipe Open Clutch HT3)
Stock #410 (Open Pipe Open Clutch HT3)
Jr.2 #290 (Clone Purple Plate Weiner Pipe Open Clutch HT3)
Jr.3 Animal #320
EL Heavy Clone #375 (Big Pipe Open Clutch EL)
EL Super Heavy #425 (Weiner Pipe Drum Clutch EL)
EL Medium #350
Chase’n Race’n Kids Red Plate
Pro Stock Heavy Clone #375
Clone Heavy Warm Up #375
Jr. 1 Pro #265
Jr. 2 Pro #290
Jr. 3 Pro #320
Jr. Sportsman Champ #300
(8-12yr Weiner Pipe Open Clutch HT3)
Pro Champ Clone #425
Jr. Clone
(11-15 yr Small Pipe Open Clutch #320 Purple Plate)